Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Egg Retrieval

Well friends, I made it.  Our egg retrieval procedure is scheduled in Nashville tomorrow morning at 11 AM.  We have to be there at 10 so i can be prepped and everything for the procedure. My estradiol level continues to climb so the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation is still very real.   I don't know if the doctor will decide tomorrow depending on my level from today about the transfer or wait and see how I do over the weekend before making the decision.   If we do have a transfer, it would be on Tuesday.  

Physically, I'm feeling just ok.  I do feel like I am about to explode and that I am carrying around grapefruits on my ovaries, which i practically am.  Elastic waistband pants have been my best friend the past few days as anything tight without stretch is just too uncomfortable at this point. I guess I am getting a little preview of what it will feel like to be pregnant.

Emotionally, this week has been easier than last and even though I am disappointed about the thought of not being able to do a live transfer, I am trying to remain open minded and remember that medical technology can only go so far and its all in Gods hands and will happen in his time.  In the grand scheme of things, we have worked so hard and waited almost 3 years to get to this point so if we have to wait a couple more weeks or months before a transfer, I can deal with that.   I just want to do what is best for my body and whats best for our little embryos.  I have tremendous faith in the doctors and staff at Nashville Fertility Center as they make these decisions for us.

Please be praying for both of us tomorrow...for safe travels, no complications during the procedure, for the skilled, steady hands of the doctors, nurses, embryologists, and lab technicians as they handle our fragile little eggs, and for no hyperstimulation sickness to occur in the days following the procedure.   We will get an update about the number of mature eggs, fertilization success, and the growth and development of the eggs within the day or 2 after the retrieval.  Please be praying for lots of healthy embryos to grow big and strong!!


  1. Thoughts and prayers, fingers and toes crossed, wishes made for you for tomorrow's procedure!! Please keep us all updated!! Stay strong and positive! Xoxo!!

  2. Hope this is the cycle for you!!!