Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bumpdate: Weeks 20-25

Hey there.  Horribly bad blogger here.  I have been doing weekly bump pictures but have been awful about uploading them and writing each week.  Several people have asked for an updated bump shot so here you go!

How far along:  We are now in our 26th week.  Third trimester is right around the corner!

Trimester: Second

Gender: Sweet baby GIRL!

Size of baby:  Will find out specifics at our growth ultrasound this week!

Maternity clothes:  Yep!  Regular t-shirts are pretty snug on the belly now and in need of some maternity bathing suits for our upcoming beach trip in 2 weeks!

Stretch marks: None yet!  Still using Bio-oil several times a week.  Belly button is getting pretty shallow though!

Sleep:  Pretty good most nights.  Had a few nights that have not been so good but that is mostly from pain, not necessarily being pregnant.

Best Moment: The best moments these past few weeks have definitely been feeling her strong movements and kicks.  It is so surreal and I smile every time I feel her.

Miss anything: Maybe one day I'll think of something I miss other than alcoholic beverages and sushi!

Movement:  Lots of movement all the time!  She's a busy little thing in there!

Symptoms:  Tiring pretty easily so going to ask about checking for anemia at my appointment this week.

Cravings:  ICE!!  I am eating crushed ice by the spoonful and recently learned you can buy sonic ice by the bag!  Bought my first bag the other day and it is already almost gone!  I know it can be a sign of anemia so I am going to ask at my doctor's appointment this week to check my blood work and make sure that it is just a pregnancy craving and not a sign of anemia.

Looking forward to:  Our growth check ultrasound this week.  I have an issue with my placenta that could affect her growth so we are getting growth checks every 4 weeks right now.

We are slowly making progress on the nursery by clearing out the room.  I ordered a crib and it got delivered last week but unfortunately it was damaged in shipping and I had to send it back and order another one which should be coming in the next few days. It's a crib my mom found and it's called a Wonder Crib.  The mattress is actually electronic and the height can be controlled up or down by two buttons on the side.  This will be really helpful for me once the baby is older and the crib is in the lowest position because it is really hard and painful for me to reach in and bend down to get the baby.  This way I can bring the mattress up higher so it doesn't put near as much strain on my neck and back.

My mom and I spent Saturday going to furniture stores to look at and test out glider/rockers.  This is a really important purchase, not only because of how much time will be spent in it but because of my back and neck problems, I need something really comfortable with good support.  I think I have decided on a glider/recliner that we will probably be ordering soon.

As far as a color scheme or theme, I haven't really found any bedding that I have fallen in love with but I have found a few fabrics I like and we are looking into getting bedding and window treatments made.  I am leaning towards aqua/teal right now and maybe throw in a few more pops of color with pillows and art work.

I have registered at 2 places, Target and Buy Buy baby, and have one shower date set in August.  It is all so surreal.  I went to a baby shower for a friend a few weeks ago and that was the first time I've ever been to a baby shower and not dreaded going or skipping it all together because it was just too hard.  In the past several years I was always the one trying to get pregnant but never could and baby showers were a horrible reminder of the pain of infertility.  It was the first time I haven't left the shower and cried on the way home.  After our final failed IUI attempt at the end of last summer, I really doubted that I would ever be able to register and be the one honored at a shower.  I think that's one reason I've struggled with blogging.  We worked so hard and so long to get to this point but I'm still scared something could wrong.  It's also hard because I know so many other bloggers that are still in the trenches of infertility and I feel guilty writing about my baby bump while they are still struggling.  We know how fortunate and blessed we are that IVF worked for us, especially our very first round and I definitely don't take that for granted.

I have had good days and bad as far as my pain goes, but just trying to take it a day at a time. I am on a very low dose of medicine and weaning a little each month.  I have had a few stretches of days where I haven't had to take anything and for that I am so thankful.  The plan is to be completely off by September so I am trying to mentally and physically prepare myself for more pain in the final 4-6 weeks of the pregnancy.  Please keep praying diligently for my pain and that I can continue to find relief in other ways as I get bigger and carry more weight.

Thank you for all the love, support and prayers. Keep praying for our sweet girl to keep growing.  Our due date is three months from tomorrow!

Till next time...