Monday, September 14, 2009

2 months post op...good new bad news

So it has now been 2 months since I have had my surgery and the last month has been a roller coaster. The bad news is I am still having pain which is very frustrating. I never know if I am going to wake up and feel good, ok, or horrible. I had another CT scan, this time with contrast solution which shows the nerves in more detail. While I havent heard the official results from my doctor, my physical therapist told me the report didnt say that anything specific was wrong which basically means that everything with my surgery looks good. While that is good news, its also discouraging to not know where the pain is coming from. I've been waiting for a couple weeks now to get in with another pain clinic in nashville and I'm still doing physical therapy 2 days a week.
On September 29, I will have officially been gone from work for 6 months....a milestone I never thought possible I would reach. At vanderbilt, if you have been on leave for 6 months, you are terminated and therefore loose your benefits. For months I have been so fearful of this. Well the good news is that i found out that if i qualify for long term disability (which there should be no reason why I wouldnt) then I am not terminated and I will keep my health benefits. This is an answer to prayer. While Harrison and I would be ok on his income, its helpful to be getting part of my income from my disability.
Harrison and my family continue to be my rock during all this. I dont know what I would do or where I would be without them. Thanks for reading and your continued support and prayers.