Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some good news!

This entry will have a little bit of personal info about me in it so read on if you like or just scroll down to the final paragraph when i talk about the good news....
So ever since I started having menstrual cycles, I always had some issues....extremely severe, painful cramping, and some other issues but my mother has similar issues so I just always figured it was familial. Well about 6 months before Harrison and I got married, I got on birth control for obvious reasons and it was a God send. It really helped with all my problems around "that time of the month."
Well with all of my health issues that I've been dealing with since before we got married, intimacy has been an issue, in the sense that it happens rarely. I struggle with alot of guilt about this because I dont feel like I am fulfilling the job of a being a wife. Harrison and I were together for nearly 4 yrs and made a vow at the beginning of our relationship to save that part of the relationship until we were married, if that was the road that God would lead us down. Obviously, God made us perfect for one another and planned for us to be together. Guilt can be a very defeating emotion. So its been really hard for me. He says he just doesn't want to cause me any more pain, but none the less, the times that we are intimate are very painful for me during and after. I would have alot of pelvic pain. I had mentioned this once to my ob/gyn in nashville and she had referred me to a special physical therapist but i only saw her once before the moving and things started.
Well when i saw my first pain dr here after we moved, i mentioned that i had pelvic long story short, I saw a specialist in infertility and pelvic pain. We talked about my cycles when they first began, now, and the intimacy issues. Before even examination he said that I sounded like a classic endometriosis case. Endometriosis is when cells of the uterus start to grow in other areas of the pelvis that the uterus and it can cause pain and it is the number one cause of infertility. He did his examination and did confirm the diagnosis and scheduled me for the best and only real
GOOD NEWS: So on Monday, I had laproscopic surgery to remove the spots of endometriosis and he didnt find any! What he did find upon examination with the scope was alot of scar tissue, especially around my left ovary and it had attached itself to the pelvic wall. I also had alot of scar tissue and adhesions on other areas of my uterus which he removed. He said that everything else looks great and it should be a one time surgery, whereas if it had been endometriosis, i would have most likely had to have surgery every year or so to keep removing the spots and keep my chances of getting pregnant high. So I am definitely relieved that my infertility should not be affected. As far as recovering, it hasnt been bad at all. The post op pain has really been nothing compared to what I usually deal with or like my post op pain after my neck surgeries. So praise God for finally some good news that was very important to me. I was devastated to think that we could have bad infertility issues. Thanks to all who prayed for me on Monday.

The only other news I have is that I am seeing my second my pain doctor here in Knoxville tomorrow and I'm hoping this goes better that it did with my first pain dr. I pray that the dr and I will understand each other and that he will have compassion and empathy for my situation and will really listen to me. Please pray for this as well. Thanks so much to everyone who has been so supportive. I love you all!