Monday, February 6, 2012

Time for an update...

Dear friends-
So sorry it has been so long since I've posted. I hope this update finds you all well and happy in this new year. Its been a busy few months and I haven't really had much to update on until lately. So the pain patch came off on November 1 and has stayed off which has been a big accomplishment. After that, I started to wean the medication I take for breakthrough pain. I cut the dose in half before Thanksgiving and did okay but then I had to have a gynecological procedure in the beginning of December which entailed a not so fun recovery process where I had to go back up to the original dose for a few weeks. We had a great Christmas with my family (Harrison's family was in Hilton Head) and then went to Birmingham for a New Years Eve wedding of one of Harrison's fraternity brothers. Once we got back from Birmingham, I weaned back down to the half dose and then attempted (key word) to make a change to Percocet. Well, my body pretty much hated it and I had a horrific week of pretty unbearable pain. I was at a level of pain where I could not function. I was bed bound for 5 or 6 days and was very miserable. I went and saw my pain doctor a few weeks ago and was in tears because of the level and pain and frustration I was feeling. My doctor did said that it wasn't worth it for me to be in such a level of pain that I was unable to function. So I went back up to the previous medication. While my pain is more tolerable than it was, it is still worse than it has previously been. It may be related to all this crazy weather we've been having and all these low pressure storm fronts that have come through here recently, but who knows.
Back in the summer when I went to Vanderbilt, the recommendation was that I wean off the pain patch before they do any more procedures. I emailed and called Vanderbilt to update them on my progress weaning off the medication. Originally I was scheduled for a consultation next week but I just got a call from the office that the doctor has read up on my progress and wants to to a round of radio frequency injections (where they go in and burn nerve endings) on the 22nd. So that's the latest on that.
To try and keep myself somewhat busy and focus on something other than just my pain level, I am getting involved in two different ventures. First of all, I am taking a photography course through the University of Tennessee one night a week. I've only had 2 classes so far but I'm learning a lot and really enjoy it. I'm super excited because in the spring, the wife of my instructor teaches a course on newborn photography. Of course you all know how much I LOVE babies and how hard it has been not being able to work in the NICU these past 3 years (Can you believe its been 3 years? Cause I can't!) I would love to be able to take pictures of my friend's babies and children (and goodness, there are a lot of them right now!) and of course, my own someday!
The other venture I am going to start doing is co-leading an Eating Disorder Support group through the Celebrate Recovery program at Cokesbury Methodist Church. This support group was VITAL to me during my recovery process back in college and it has always held a special place in my heart. The group has endured some difficulties and changes in the past few years and after a short break, is starting up again next week with a new format. I am so excited to be a part of this with a dear friend and feel like it is something God is really calling me to do. (For anyone in the Knoxville area that would be interested in the group or knows of anyone that would be interested, feel free to contact me for any information. It is a group for all types of disordered eating. )
Harrison continues to do well. He provides for me in so many ways and is a loving, supportive husband and best friend. Our biggest issue (as shown in the image above) right now is trying to figure out how to keep our crazy dog Reese from climbing, yes climbing, our fence and escaping to wander the neighborhood. She's a mischievous but sweet, furry companion.
Not too much else to report. I'll update after the radio frequency. Thanks for reading.