Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bump update: Weeks 26-30

The summer and the weeks of this pregnancy are really flying by.  We have had a pretty good summer, although the past 3 weeks or so of the pregnancy have been eventful.  Our little girl is keeping things interesting and keeping us on our toes!!  We went to Hilton Head the end of July and did have to make a trip to the hospital to be monitored in the middle of the night one night after I had contractions for about 2 hours that I couldn't get to subside on my own.  They monitored us for about 2 hours and I got fluids till the contractions subsided.  Fortunately, baby girl looked strong and active throughout and I was not dilated at all.  They thought I had just gotten really dehydrated and it took my body a while to catch up.

Last week I went for my Glucose tolerance test and much to my surprise, I failed, meaning I have gestational diabetes.   For some reason, this was something that never really occurred to me that I could suffer from. So I started tracking my blood sugar 4 times a day, monitoring ketones, and writing down everything I eat.  On Wednesday we had our scheduled 30 week growth ultrasound and a meeting with the diabetes educator.  During the meeting with the educator, I started to get light-headed.  I looked at Harrison and the educator and said "I feel light headed all of a sudden..." and that's the last thing I remember.  I completely passed out.  Luckily Harrison was sitting right beside me and was able to catch be before I slid out of my chair and hit the floor.  I woke up to a room full of nurses and my doctor.  My blood sugar was fine but my blood pressure was a little elevated.  They put me in an ultrasound room to lie down and go ahead and perform the ultrasound to check on the baby.  She looked great and active as usual.  They did some blood work and made me stay lying down for awhile.  My doctor thinks it was just a fluke and that the baby was just in a weird position and either lying or could have kicked a major blood vessel, causing my blood pressure to drop quickly and causing me to pass out.  He thought my blood pressure was elevated after the episode as my body was compensating for the drop in pressure.  I've felt ok for the most part since it happened and have not passed out again, although my blood sugars have been really erratic since Wednesday.  I see my doctor and the diabetes educator again on Wednesday this week.  I'm glad that if this was going to happen, it happened at my doctor's office, but it was scary.  I am hoping and praying it was just a fluke, one time occurrence.

How far along: I am now in my 31st week.  My due date is only a mere 2 months from today! Crazy!

Trimester: Third

Gender:  Girl

Size of baby:  Our sweet baby girl is measured 3 lbs 11 oz this week at our growth ultrasound.  She is in the 45 percentile.  She is gaining steadily and it seems like my placental issue isn't affecting her growth at all!

Maternity clothes: Absolutely.  Regular t-shirts are too snug and I am wearing Harrison's shirts to sleep in now!

Stretch marks: Noticed a few teeny, tiny marks near my hips but can't tell if they are stretch marks or just veins. Needless to say I'm upping up my game on using bio-oil and other creams!

Sleep:  Mostly good.  Waking up a few times at night to go to the bathroom but usually able to fall back to sleep ok.

Best Moments:  I love feeling her move and now I can see her move!  It's all still very surreal. Each ultrasound is wonderful as well.  I love hearing her sweet heartbeat and seeing her wiggle around!

Miss anything:  I finally found something I miss other than sushi and alcohol....carbs!  Now that I have Gestational diabetes and have been monitoring my blood sugars, it seems my body does not tolerate carbs like bread, pasta, and rice very well at all so I have been really limiting my intake which is hard, because those that know me, know I LOVE pasta.  So now I'm craving, missing, and dreaming of a big ole bowl of pasta with butter and parmesean cheese!

Symptoms:  Having a few Braxton hicks contractions daily now. Luckily they aren't painful but they still keep me on edge after our couple scares.  I am really careful about keeping count of them.

Cravings:  Still on a major ice binge.  Buying bags from Sonic and eating it by the spoonful!

Looking forward to:  My first baby shower hosted by my best friends TOMORROW!! Post coming soon!

Please be praying that things calm down as we go through these last several weeks of pregnancy!