Monday, April 11, 2011

On being incredibly blessed..

Dear Friends

While I usually use this blog as somewhat of a journal and a way of expressing all the emotions that I experience thru this crazy rollercoaster, I'd like to take the opportunity to say how incredibly blessed I am, despite my medical issues and pain. For instance, my mom came over today and cleaned my whole house from top to bottom since i've have spent the past 3 days in bed with bad pain. I enjoy cleaning (oddly enough) but housework is something i cant really do anymore, especially more strenuous stuff like mopping and vacuuming. I have the best parents in the world... I really do.

My mom and dad have supported me since day one of this journey. My parents have both been extremely involved in everything, from going to important appointments, to fixing meals for us, to running errands for me, to driving to me to appointments...the list goes on and on. My mom spends hours on the internet researching the newest pain treatments, the best doctors, dietary changes and supplements, and anything related to chronic pain.
In addition to all this, they are an extremely strong source of emotional support for me. I also have wonderful, loving, supportive in-laws. Harrison's parents sent me flowers and cards of encouragement all the time. They are in constant prayer for both of us as we deal with the unexpected. Even though they are now in Nashville, i feel their love and support daily.

I have a bad habit of feeling that if i talk about what i am going thru too much to people, it will burden my family and friends, so i tend to keep my emotions to myself most of the time which usually ends up in me reaching a breaking point and breaking down. Despite the fact that i keep a lot to myself, I know I have amazing friends all over the country that love me, support me, and pray for me. I am trying to work on reaching out to people more and opening up to friends that i trust and that offer to be there for me. I definitely need all the love and support I can get!

And last but most important, the love of my life, my best friend, my rock, my everything...Harrison. I always thought our love story was interesting how we dated, broke up, stayed friends, got back together, endured a long distance relationship for almost a year and then us both living in Nashville and eventually getting engaged. I knew how much timing and especially God's timing had to do with us getting together and especially now, looking back, getting engaged and getting married (we got married 6 weeks after my pain same back...coincidence??) God most definitely hand picked my husband as my perfect other half. I have never met anyone who is as compassionate, understanding , and loving as Harrison is. He works a full time job, yet he cooks dinner for me almost every night and will bring me my meals in bed when i cant get out of bed. He always comes home with flowers or little surprises. He will do anything to make me feel better. He will wake up in the middle of the night when I'm having a bad night and will scratch my back, or get an ice pack for me. He always puts me first and always stops me if he thinks i am overdoing it.
As I have gotten back into photography, Harrison has been so supportive and encouraging and takes me places and plans little photography outings. He is so sweet and loving. I can not imagine my life without him by my side every step of the way. I know everyone says this but I truly am the most blessed woman to have found my perfect companion for the rest of my life. I love him with all my heart.

To all who read my blog, I am blessed to have you in my life because by reading this, you are supporting me and for that, I thank you.

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  1. So sweet! You know I love your parents and the part about Harrison made me tear up! You go Husband of the Year!