Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nothing new to report

Well friends, I wish i had something new or any good news to report but i don't. Things are still pretty much the same. Still in pain, still on a million medications. I guess my only new symptom to report is that i am getting several low grade (99-100) fevers multiple times a week. Even though they are low, add in the neck pain and joint pain and most days i feel like i have the flu. I had an Electromyography(EMG) test...a test I have had before which was incredibly painful and traumatizing. Luckily, the second test wasn't as bad. Test results showed no nerve damage which is good I guess but I'm to the point where I just want some test to show something. I am probably going to start seeing a spine specialist just to have someone medically understands everything that has happened to my neck. I just dont know what to do anymore. I'm loosing hope fairly quickly these days. Just thought I'd update to say nothing new to report.

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