Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bump Update: Weeks 31-34

I seriously can't believe we are only about a month away from meeting our baby girl.  I don't know whether it's because of the summer or what but the weeks are flying by.  I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. Here are the bump pictures from the last few weeks...

How far Along: Going into my 35th week

Trimester: Third

Gender:  Sweet baby girl

Size of the baby: As of week 34, the websites say she is the size of a cantaloupe and about 4 3/4 pounds.  We will find out her exact weight at our growth ultrasound next week.  

Maternity clothes: Absolutely!

Stretch marks: A few small ones have come up on my hips.  Applying Bio Oil and Palmers cream a couple times a day!  Who knows if it does any good.

Sleep:  I don't know if my body is just preparing me for having a newborn but several nights a week, I wake up at around 3:30 to go to the bathroom and can't fall back asleep till 5:30 or 6.  It is so frustrating to toss and turn and then I start thinking about what I have left to do and making lists in my head.  Again, maybe my body is preparing itself for being up for 3 AM feedings!

Best Moments:  I had my first baby shower on August 10 and it was wonderful.  It was so surreal and I actually cried during it because I never thought I would get to have one.  I felt so blessed.  I will try to do a blog post soon with some pictures!

Miss Anything: Being able to see my feet when I look down and being able to bend over and move easily!  I feel huge and the belly definitely gets in the way!

Symptoms:  A LOT of contractions.  I went in for a standard non stress test at 32 weeks and was contracting the whole time which caused some concern. Baby girl was active and kept her heart rate up throughout all the contractions which was great to know.  I was checked to see if I was dilated and luckily I wasn't but my cervix was thin.  They ran a Fetal Fibronectin test which if positive tells you that you are at high likelihood to deliver in the next 2 weeks.  Again, fortunately I was negative so they did not put me on bed rest but did tell me I needed to start taking it easy and really monitoring how many contractions I was having.  Because of their concern, I am going twice a week now for non stress tests to monitor her and make sure she continues to handle the contractions well and I get my amniotic fluid level checked once a week so I get to see her quickly on ultrasound each week.

Cravings: Still on my ice kick.  After a few weeks of trial and error, I have pretty much learned how my body responds to certain foods and have been able to manage the Gestational Diabetes pretty well.  I have learned that I can eat small portions of bread and pasta.  Having GD has actually made me much more self aware of everything I am eating and how much.  Because I have to write down everything I eat for the nutritionist, I am much more aware of making sure I am getting enough calories and protein, eating snacks, not missing meals, and eating enough fruits and vegetables.   I feel like I am eating a much more balanced, healthy diet so in the long run, it hasn't been as bad as I thought.

Looking forward to:  Seeing her on ultrasound this week for my fluid check and finding out how big she is at our growth ultrasound next week!

As far as preparation goes, I feel like we are getting close to being ready.  The nursery is painted and all set up.  Harrison is adding some new shelving in the closets so I haven't been able to organize her clothes or closet but once he gets that finished up in the next week, I will be able to hang up all her cute little outfits.  I did my first load of her laundry over the weekend and it was heavenly. I actually started to tear up folding her tiny things and smelling the sweet smell of baby detergent.  Its just so surreal and I still can't believe it is happening to me!!

As far as my pain goes, carrying the extra weight is definitely affecting my neck and spine but I am doing everything I can to manage it without medication and am only taking medication on rare occasions.  I am uncomfortable and in pain most all the time, but it's not unbearable for the most part.  I see my chiropractor and massage therapist once a week and will probably start going twice a week in these final weeks.  I sleep with a heating pad, take tylenol, and rest a lot.   My doctors are very, very pleased and impressed and are hopeful that our sweet girl will be born perfectly healthy.  Please pray for me these final 5 weeks that I can continue to manage my pain without medication without being miserable.  I knew going into the pregnancy that the last 4-6 weeks would be the hardest and  most challenging pain wise so I've been preparing mentally but it is still very difficult emotionally and physically on the bad days when I feel bad, so please pray that these days are few and far between.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


  1. Love all these photos!! So cute!! You are doing an amazing job of dealing with your GD and your pain! So proud of you for how strong you have been! I know it's probably hard being med free, but you're doing what's best for your baby, you're already an amazing mama!