Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weeks 12 -14: Baby gifts, bump shots, and ultrasound pics!

Ok, ok.  I am officially a bad blogger.  I think about posting often but realize I either a) don't have all that much to say, or b) would rather take a nap.

Before I get to baby updates, I first want to give a quick shout out.  When we started getting closer to the likelihood that we would be doing IVF, I of course being a medical professional, wanted all the information I could get so I threw myself into researching all the options, protocols, costs, success rates, etc.  But I also wanted to know about the emotional, psychological, and physical side of the process.  Through a friend and blogger Joy (Inner Joy Knox) who dealt with some infertility, I found several blogs of other infertiles and started reading and following their stories.  There are many downfalls of infertility, but the support in the blogging community is definitely not one of them. There are SO many amazing women out there who are open and honest about their journeys and write about them so beautifully.  I count myself blessed to know these women.  I found the blog of one girl in particular who I felt compelled to contact personally.  Elena (Baby Ridley Bump) and I have since become good friends and email several times a week.  When you with find out someone in your life becomes pregnant, it can be hard, emotional and bittersweet.  I completely and totally understand this feeling and have had to fake a congratulatory smile and happiness, while inside, I was heartbroken.  Elena has been so unbelievably sweet, supportive, and interested in my pregnancy so far and I know she is truly happy for me. I think you feel differently when a fellow infertile announces a pregnancy because it gives you hope that these crazy hormones and procedures can work.  It gives you motivation to keep poking and prodding yourself, keep dealing with the nasty side effects of all the hormones, and keep walking the tough road because you can get to the other side.   

After we got pregnant and knew everything was developing normally, I had tons of extra bottles of all the supplements Harrison and I were taking that were recommended by the IVF clinic.  I emailed Elena and offered to mail her my immense supply.  She was so appreciative and I was glad I could pass these on.  I had been given some medication and supplements as well from a girl I knew who was about to have a baby via her second IVF.  I knew how much this small gesture meant to me and I was happy I could pay it forward.  Well, late last week, I got a package in the mail from Elena.  It was the sweetest customized thank you note and these completely adorable Aden & Anais bibs.  
Thanks Elena! I LOVE them! 

I have also received a few other small gifts for the baby in the last couple weeks.  One of my oldest and dearest friends gave us this Tennessee Vol inspired spit up cloth..
Needless to say, Harrison loved it.  And a friend of my parents gave us our first book for the baby...

Now onto little baby Slatery.  I have been feeling ok the past couple weeks, although I did have a week or so where I was having a lot of sickness.  I was waking up around midnight and getting sick.  After 3 or 4 nights of this and not sleeping well at all because of the severe nausea, I threw in the towel and called the doctor for some phenergan.  Not only has that helped with the sickness but it also helps me sleep.  I'm not taking it every night, but I am still getting some nausea late at night a few times a week.  It usually starts around 8-9 pm.  Here are some bump shots of last week at 13 weeks and this week at 14 weeks.
13 weeks
14 weeks
We had our first appointment with the High risk OB a couple weeks ago and everything went well.  Baby looked really good on ultrasound and the nasal bone scan and Nuchal Translucency scan were normal.  These are things that look for signs of down syndrome.  Baby's heart rate was 158.  We actually got to hear the heartbeat for the first time, since our infertility doctor did not have his speakers to his ultrasound machine hooked up.  It was a beautiful sound and brought tears to my eyes.

Baby is about the size of a lemon now...about 3 1/2 inches.  It can now grimace, squint, frown, and suck its thumb! Kidneys are now functioning and by the end of the week, so will the liver and spleen.   Baby is very active and flexible as we saw during the ultrasound, but I haven't started feeling any movements yet.  We aren't scheduled to find out the gender until May 14 at our 19 week anatomy scan but we have an appointment this week and Harrison is hoping they can take a peak.  We aren't scheduled for an ultrasound at the appointment, just doppler to hear the heartbeat.  The office is very big and very busy so I doubt they have the ability like a small, more personal office would to just take a look if no one is using the ultrasound room. So I really doubt we will find out this week.

Till next time...


  1. So glad you love the bibs!! And thank you again so much for your kindness and support!! This community never ceases to amaze me. You look amazing! :-) xoxo.

  2. You look great. I have also learned that this community is amazing and that we are all here for each other!!

  3. So happy that everything is progressing well and your bump pics are adorable! Congrats mama - so happy for you!

  4. So excited for you!!!! This is such a fun time! Enjoy it!! :)

  5. Love your bump pics! This community of bloggers really is amazing.

  6. Aaahhh... so excited for y'all! We're right behind you.... due Oct. 28. Praying for healthy pregnancies and babies!
    Elise & Max Fowler
    Sugar Hill, GA