Monday, March 30, 2009

Prayer requests...

Wedding planning is still going very smoothly. Invitations have been sent and my final dress fitting is next week. Our engagement picture session (better late than never) is most likely going to be this weekend. We have had two incredibly wonderful showers. One was thrown by my parents friends and the other was thrown by our college friends in Birmingham. We had a great time at both. We have 2 more showers this weekend. One thrown by Harrison's parents friends and one for me given by 2 of my wonderful bridesmaids. We are really getting down to the final details now and its been really exciting.

On another note, I've been dealing with some health issues the past few weeks. Some of you may know that about 2 years ago, I had neck surgery to remove and replace 2 herniated discs in my neck. While I've never been completely pain free, my pain is usually minimal and tolerable. I sometimes have flare ups if I work too much, lift something too heavy, or overwork my self with housework like vaccuuming, laundry, etc. Occasionally I still have "flare ups". I'll take some pain medicine, take it easy for a couple days, and I'm usually okay. Well about 2 weeks ago, I started having what I thought was just a flare up. After some meds and rest, I wasnt getting any better and the pain was different. More intense, more localized in one place, and not really relieved by medication and rest. Its a little bit of a complicated story but I have been trying to get in with the neurosurgery group for sometime but cant because I needed a referral and an updated MRI. I took a sick day from work to try to get in with a primary care physician but couldnt get an appt till April 15. I thought I could manage till then but last Tuesday at work, I was unable to cope with the unbearable pain and went the the ER. I got more pain medication and and MRI that showed worsening changes since my last MRI a year ago. So long story short, I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon on Thursday. I have pretty much been bed ridden and on pain killers for 2 weeks. That is my current state as I write this. I tried to make it through work today but was in tears after only 5 hrs so I had to come home. I write all this to ask for prayers. I am really having a hard time. Physically I am in alot of pain and emotionally I feel very defeated. I hate not being able to work, because I love my job and I feel pretty worthless just laying in bed. I am also overwhelmed with things that I need to accomplish (school work, thank you notes, packing for the move, wedding details, etc.) I worry how I will accomplish all this in my current state. I pray that the doctor will have answers and options for me on Thursday. Thanks for reading. I'll keep you updated.

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